The Hashtag Manager allows you to create and save hashtags and Instagram username mentions (“@mention”) which you can then quickly add to posts as you create them, instead of having to type them out each time. You'll also reduce the risk of typos and save on any time spent to proofread the hashtags and username mentions individually on each post.

If you have multiple hashtags that you often use together on posts, we recommend creating a group which is a collection of hashtags. You can save some time by adding a group of hashtags to your post, instead of adding each hashtag individually.

Continue reading the article below which will show you how to create hashtags, @mentions, and groups - followed by how to use the saved hashtags, @mentions, and groups while creating posts.

How to create and save a hashtag or @mention

Let’s say you want to create and save a new hashtag. Click on the Hashtag Manager function and start typing the hashtag in the New Hashtag text box.

Click on the “Add” button to add the new hashtag. Once you do this, #waves will appear in your Hashtag library immediately below.

To delete a hashtag, click on the delete icon that shows up to the left of any hashtag in the Hashtag library.

Adding @mentions works exactly the same way. Note that we currently do not verify if the Instagram username is correct, so you should ensure that you enter the correct name to successfully tag the desired Instagram username in your post’s comment or caption.

How to create and save a group

Let’s say you want to create a group consisting of three hashtags and one @mention. Type in the name of the group in the “New group” and click on the “Add” button to create it.

Once you do this, you’ll see the new group appear in the Group library below. Note that the newly created group will remain empty till you add in the two hashtags and the @mention.

To do this, click on the “new” button. You will see a text box open up. You can start typing in a hashtag or an @mention. Remember to use the pound symbol # before a hashtag and the at symbol @ before a mention so that we know which is which! If the hashtag or @mention already exists in your Hashtag or @mention libraries, we will autosuggest it for you.

Once you are done, click the “new” button again to add the hashtag of the @mention. You will see the hashtag or @mention show up in your group.

To delete a hashtag or an @mention from a group (or even the entire group), just click the delete icon to the lest of the hashtag or the @mention within the Group library.

How to use a hashtag, @mention, or group within a post

Click on the # icon on the comment or caption text fields when creating a post. You will see the option to select hashtags, @mentions, or a group.

Select one or more desired hashtags, @mentions, or groups. Click on OK once you are done to add the selected hashtags, @mentions, or groups to your post.