UPDATE 13 Dec: it looks like this issue has mostly resolved, not sure if it's been a change from Instagram or something else! If you're still having trouble, please reach out to our team and we're happy to assist.

We have recently (December 2017) seen some customers see increased verification errors, where you are not able to easily add the account to Schedugram.

One competitor has essentially gone out of business lately (we won't name them!) through having this issue. Many of the customers coming over to Schedugram are coming from competing services, including this one.

We have found that in general, the users having this issue are coming over from one of these services (usually those that reverse engineered the Instagram API). We can understand that when a company you have been using to schedule content to Instagram suddenly stops being able to that you're finding a competitor!

Unfortunately it seems that for whatever reason, these accounts are harder to connect than what we normally see (and it is only a subset of new accounts added to Schedugram - we are always onboarding new customers so it's definitely not everyone!). 

You can try and complete a manual verification with our team (see more about manual verifications here). Sometimes this will work, and other times we might see the same looping verification issue. You can book a time to chat with the team on the right hand side of the 'manage accounts' page. We do have some tricks and techniques that we have found to be useful to clear these stubborn accounts in the past.

While we'd love it to be otherwise, some accounts are harder to connect and rest assured our team will do anything that we can to connect up your Instagram accounts. 

Sometimes it is just a case of waiting some time (perhaps it's a bug on Instagram's end) and then it suddenly works. Coming up to the Christmas break we know this is frustrating, but as we can't control what Instagram does there isn't much we can do! 

We appreciate your patience, and hope that we'll be able to get you connected up ASAP. 

Of course, we won't charge you for an account that can't be connected - our terms and billing policy stands, so we'll extend your trial if we're in contact with you, and if you are accidentally charged just send us an email within 7 days of getting the invoice and we are always happy to refund it.