A number of users have asked us about how to recreate the 'fade' option from the old editor in the new one.

Unfortunately it's one of the few adjustments that don't have a single button to replace it. However, we'll show you how to fade your images with the new editor, and even have more control over your images.

OK, let’s fire up the new editor and go straight to adjust:

Start with lowering contrast by about 30% (+-5%)

Looks pretty close already! 

We can play a little with the saturation slider to achieve that cool desaturated look everybody loves nowadays, or bring some of the colour back into the image (-20% to +20% are good values to play with).

If you want even more ‘fading’, raise the brightness by about +5% and there you go.

Here are both pictures side-by-side to give you an idea about what’s possible.