About Instagram Story posting

Instagram Story posting is a new feature as of 8 July 2017 (in beta) that lets you schedule posts to be sent to your Instagram Stories instead of your profile/feed.

Currently you can't send posts to both Instagram Stories and the profile feed. 

Enabling Story posting

To enable Instagram Story posting, go to your "profile/billing settings" page, and then enable the Instagram Stories beta feature.

How it works

Currently you will only be able to upload Instagram Stories from the regular 'upload media' page (ie it's currently not available in calendar upload for example).

Start by uploading your files as normal. After Story posting is enabled, you will see a toggle under each post to let you assign the post to your story:

Make sure you crop the post to the correct ratio if you are uploading a post that isn't already the right size/shape. If you are editing, crop to the right size using the crop tool first, as then you won't end up losing any image quality. In the cropper, there is an option to set to the Insta Stories ratio:

Then you can edit the image as you would normally using the image editor if you want to add things like text or filters:

Things that we know need to be added

We'll update this list as we go along.

  • Proper Story preview so that you can preview the Story specifically
  • Uploading Stories through the calendar
  • Change a story to a "feed/profile" post and vice versa in upcoming posts

Specification for Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are hard-cropped (that is, you don't get a choice but let Instagram crop it) to the aspect ratio of the phone that you are posting them on.

We use (mostly) HTC Desire 530 phones, which have a screen aspect ratio such that you should design your Instagram story images to be:

  • JPG (or PNG but JPG preferred)
  • 1836 pixels wide (at most)
  •  3019 pixels high (at most)

Of course, within Schedugram you can crop images to this ratio from any other aspect ratio - you will see a button in the cropper titled "Set Instagram Story ratio" which will do this for you. Otherwise, Instagram uses a centre-weighted crop, so it will crop the "middle bit" of your photo to those dimensions.

Keep in mind that different phones have different aspect ratios. The way that Instagram Stories works is that anything "outside" the viewing (or uploading) phone's aspect ratio is automatically cropped. This means that if you're including text, be aware of the difference – the main thing users need to be careful about is width, as you may see text cropped off if it is near the edges of the story. 

Below is a quick comparison of the different screen sizes / aspect ratios for our phone (red) compared to iPhones (blue/green). Of course, if you included all Android phones then the options would be practically unlimited! As a result, it'll always be best to have the main content centre-weighted (that is, in/near the middle) so that your audience will see the information regardless of their device.

Questions or suggestions for improvement?

Email our team at [email protected] or click the support and feedback button.