Instagram is all about creating unique ways for you to express what your brand means and stands for.

It's important for us to note right up front that regramming/reposting sits in a bit of a weird space with Instagram - technically you are meant to only share content that you have copyright rights to (and that you own) but obviously regramming is a technique that has been around since Instagram first started. 

So while that's not to say that it's not allowed (only Instagram could say that), it's important that at the very least, it's vital that you acknowledge the original owner of the content you are 'regramming' or re-sharing. Most brands of course already do that, which is fine!

We support regramming other users' posts using two methods: directly from the Instagram URL, and using our Chrome extension. Both will pre-fill the caption with something acknowledging the user who originally posted that post, and we validate to make sure that you mention the other user in the post (however you'd like, but it has to be in the caption). 

The best way to browse Instagram in our opinion is using Instagram! So to use either method, login to (any account is fine, it doesn't even need to be one you have added to Schedugram) and browse different accounts' posts, hashtag feeds and more. When you have found the post you want to regram, click it so that you have the single-photo view (the URL/address bar will be something like

If you have our Chrome extension, just click the Schedugram icon in your Chrome toolbar and you will be able to choose the Instagram accounts you want to upload to and then enter the post details. Get the extension from the Chrome Web Store here, and once it is installed you will see the icon change to coloured when we detect a post on the page. Click that icon, choose an account, then enter your post information and click the submit button:

If you use another browser or don't want to use the extension, just go to the "upload media" page in Schedugram and when you hover over the upload button, choose the Instagram URL option:

Note: at the moment we are only supporting image-based regramming. Videos and multi-image-posts are on their way.