Note: this only impacts videos after they have been uploaded to Schedugram (when we are posting them to Instagram for you) -- if you are having problems while uploading to Schedugram, that's not this!

Update April 2017 - this issue is still happening for some videos, but we have added a setting so that we more aggressively retry potential errors for videos for your account. See the section "What next? What should you do?" for more information.

In case you haven't been otherwise notified, we are currently investigating a bug that Instagram seems to have that is causing some videos to not successfully upload to some accounts. This is a copy of an email that I (Hugh - our CEO) sent to customers who have recently uploaded videos.

What is the bug?

It's definitely not just us (e.g. these Android app reviews) -- however it does seem to be affecting a number of videos and we have seen this occur over the last approx. 2 weeks. Essentially what happens is that the video "stalls" when uploading half way, and no matter how long we wait (or refresh the feed, etc etc) it doesn't actually "finish".

I'd like to emphasise that this is absolutely not related to our change in user interface - videos scheduled on the old interface have had the same problems, and the way that we 'transcode'/format your videos hasn't changed.

It does appear to only be the Android app that is affected, although some videos are going up fine anyway, and some users have reported that it is working for them on an Android phone, while others have told us it isn't!

How do you know if your account is affected?

If this has occurred to your account, it will have failed for being a potential error. This is because sometimes we see things like this but the image/video is successfully posted, and so our system won't automatically retry it in case we end up posting a duplicate. You will get an email (see below) and your videos will have the potential error flag in your archive (note: it doesn't show on the calendar):

You will see that we have 'post again' and 'move to draft' options available for posts that get a potential error. By all means you are welcome to reschedule it for another time, however unless Instagram has resolved the issue by then, it might fail again.

How do we tell you if we see this error?

By default, we send you an email notification to the admin account when these potential errors occur (or if you have entered specific emails to receive error notifications for your Instagram account(s), there).

If you are not receiving them, please check your account settings by going to manage accounts > account settings and check that 'send potential error emails' is enabled. You may also want to enter the team members that should receive error notifications (including these potential error emails) in the relevant box while you are there. Make sure that the emails are formatted correctly (see this example for successful notifications).

What is Schedugram doing to fix this?

We have attempted updating the Instagram app (even to the version they released *yesterday*) but to date, that hasn't seemed to fix the issue. It's not specific to a device, or an Android version, or a video format, or a video length, nor is it specific to a particular internet connection. We've tried quite a few things now, but even after waiting a couple of weeks the issue isn't resolved.

What next? What should you do?

I apologise that we haven't been able to fix this issue, and that it hasn't self-resolved to date. Unfortunately we are a bit tied in that we are not able to know what is happening on Instagram's side here.

We are going to continue monitoring the situation and testing some potential solutions in the hope that we will work out exactly what is happening.

What we have done is add a setting to make us more aggressively retry videos that fail like this. This runs the risk of ending up with duplicate posts in case a video that was detected as failed did actually go live, but if you are finding that every time you receive a "potential error" email the video has not been posted, you shouldn't have a problem of course. We can't guarantee that the posts will go up even with that setting on (and the posts may be delayed as each attempt takes some time), but then we will try each post 4 times before sending you an email if we still have the "potential error" on the 4th time.

This potential error retry setting is set on each Instagram account you have added. Go to the 'manage accounts' page, and then go to account actions > account settings. At the bottom of the window, you'll see the relevant setting:

Depending on your preference, you may want to just upload video anyway and see if it works (and upload manually if it fails and you receive an email), or post your videos manually for now. We will send another email to you once we know that the issue is resolved, but it may be something that will suddenly start working on some accounts but not all.

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