Sometimes you need to remove an Instagram account from Schedugram. This article shows you how, and provides information about how we manage these changes for billing purposes.

How to remove an account

To remove an Instagram account from Schedugram, you will need to be the account administrator. Then, just go to manage accounts, then hover over 'account actions' and choose remove account:

You will see a prompt to confirm. As the prompt suggests, please don't remove and then re-add an account straight away - while some users think this will fix a problem, in reality you are more likely to cause more problems (e.g. your previously scheduled posts will fail, even after the account is re-added). If you are having trouble with an Instagram account, reach out to our support team and we are likely able to let you know what is wrong, rather than removing and re-adding it.

Once you have removed an account, we will no longer send any posts for it.

What happens if my account changes partway through a billing cycle?

We use pro-rated charges and credits for when you add or remove an account. This means we add a credit (for removing) or charge (for adding) to cover the proportion of the month that is remaining before your next regular billing date.

This means that if you remove an account exactly halfway through the month, we will add a credit for half that month's cost to your subscription (for example, $10 if the account has less than 10,000 followers).

That credit will then be subtracted off your next bill. Unfortunately we do not provide refunds back onto your card, but the credit on the account does not expire and will be automatically used the next time an invoice is raised.

Can I swap an account for another?

Yes you can - just remove the first account, then add the new account. What typically happens in this instance is that the credit that is added after removing the first account then 'zeroes out' the charge that is raised when you add the new one. You will still receive an invoice saying that you were charged for adding the new account, but you will see that it has not charged your card, and instead used the credit balance available.