We don't limit the number of posts that users make through our platform. You won't find a limited feature account with 'only' 10 posts per month or something else that tries to force you to a more expensive account.

However, we do have a frequency limit for each Instagram account – for each Instagram account you manage, you can only post one image or video every 15 minutes.

What this means in reality is that you can schedule a post for 9am and another at 9:15am, but you can't have one at 9am and another at 9:05am. This applies at the Instagram account level, so if you manage two Instagram accounts through Schedugram you can of course schedule a post to go up on each Instagram account at 9am.

We do this to ensure that your posts go up in the order that you specify them, to ensure our platform isn't used to spam Instagram (nobody wants that!), and to make sure we can adequately provide our service to our customers.

If you have any questions about frequency limits, please get in touch.