Yes, we do!

We've rolled out the changes to Schedugram. If you would like to post rectangular images – just leave the setting above the upload button off (which is the default, and it looks grey - "on" is pink). You can see the difference in the settings below.

Toggling the "Make rectangular images into a square by adding white strips?" button on or off will adjust how your images are modified before posting. You can preview what they will look like using our Instagram Preview function.

The "off" state is grey (top image below) and the "on" state is pink (bottom image). The default is "off".

Toggling this button "on" will add the strips to the top/bottom or sides of the images, like our platform did previously (bottom example below - see also ).

According to Instagram, your images must have an aspect ratio between 1.91:1 and 4:5. Images or videos that exceed these aspect ratios will be cropped automatically by Instagram. You will see a notification if we calculate that the uploaded image exceeds these ratios. If you see that notification, crop the image and reduce how 'tall' or 'wide' it is, or upload a different version. For example, for portrait images they should be no "taller" than 1080 wide x 1350 high. For landscape images, they need to be 1080 wide x 566 high.

Please note that it is still a little experimental – Instagram is still working out the details. Anything like that is on Instagram's end and we recommend you test something different prior to posting with us. Similarly, images on your profile page on Instagram are still square - so the rectangular images will appear cropped. This is the what Instagram does to all the previews of the new rectangular format.

What has changed?

Instagram has launched a new feature, now allowing portrait and landscape (that is, rectangular) images to be posted to your feed. You can read more about the change in their blog post

This new change means that rather than having to add strips down the sides or along the top and bottom of your posts they will behave the way you would expect:

(from their blog post linked above)

Will Schedugram support the new sizing?

Definitely. We always try to make sure you have the best features available and can always use the latest changes to Instagram, like the higher resolution or our 'first comment' feature. (Update, rectangular images are now supported - see above).

When will Schedugram support the new sizing?

Now :)

What will happen with images I have already uploaded, or that I schedule before the changes are rolled out to Schedugram?

Our activity will continue to be the same as it is currently – rectangular images will have strips added to make them square. This allows us to make sure your images won't suddenly be cropped by surprise - which is important so that you can see in the preview the exact image we will post for you.