Update 1 August 2015:

Our team has rolled out the 1080x1080 resolution to Schedugram, and upgraded our systems to handle the new resolution. Customers are encouraged to start planning and uploading their content in the new resolution.

To date, we haven't had any issues with 640x640 or 1080x1080 resolution images – both seem to still display fine as expected.

Original text for this FAQ is below.

As a number of customers have identified, Instagram announced on 7 July 2015 that they are upgrading the resolution of uploaded (and displayed) images from 640x640 to 1080x1080. This is a brief FAQ on the changes.

What changes have occurred?

Instagram is now uploading and storing 1080x1080px sized images (rather than 640x640) on their service. This is so that the images will display in full resolution on an iPhone 6 plus, which uses a screen with a 1080px horizontal resolution. It will also improve image display on desktops when you are browsing the Instagram web client. More in this WIRED article.

Will Schedugram adopt the new resolution?


When will Schedugram adopt the new resolution?

We are working hard to get this feature out ASAP, because it's obviously of value to all customers. As you can imagine, it's rather difficult for us as we will have a lot of users still uploading and planning content at 640x640 (at least in the short term), and so we actually have to refactor a big portion of the upload system to detect image sizes and handle them differently according to the upload size. This is in addition to refactoring the actual app posting part with the new version of the Instagram app, which may be simple or may be very complex depending on how much they've changed in the app itself (we haven't started this as of 8 July yet).

As a result, it's (definitely, for many reasons) not going to happen overnight – we are hoping to get it all done within the next 1-2 weeks (that is by Monday 20 July), but if something is particularly stubborn this could take longer. Until we look at the new version of the Instagram app, we don't know how hard it might be to make those changes – they may have changed the whole way they refer to elements in the app or something. We also need to do pretty extensive testing before making too many changes like this (on the app/posting-the-image side) to try and identify any bugs before anything goes into production, or there would be big trouble if posts go out misformatted or something.

Will this impact the posts I have scheduled already?

No. Your posts will go out as normal, even after we update our systems. 

Will I need to re-upload posts after the changes are made to Schedugram?

Only if you want them to appear using the higher 1080x1080 resolution. If you are happy with them going out at 640x640, then you can leave them and they will go up like normal. We don't have a version of your images stored that is 1080x1080 (we only store the 640x640 version).

Will my images uploaded at 640x640 appear blurry when viewed on Instagram?

In the short term, we don't think this will have any impact on how things are displayed. Given the vast range of users across the Instagram ecosystem, many will still be using older versions of the app and subsequently will continue uploading in 640x640, and obviously all older content will still be 640x640. So (we are guessing/assuming) Instagram will work under the assumption that at least some users (in say the next 3 months at least) will still be uploading smaller images, along with the pre-existing content.

As a result of this, there won't be any changes to what happens currently, and how the images will be displayed by Instagram. 

The problem is that images uploaded through us won't be taking advantage of the larger size, which will obviously (inevitably) show up crisper photos on iPhones with retina displays, and will show up better for users browsing their feed / profile pages on the website. They won't be blown up and horrendously pixelated or anything, we believe. 

Does this effect videos?

Nothing yet has suggested that Instagram has upgraded the length or resolution of videos.

When will I know that the changes have been made?

We will contact customers about the changes when they have been made to our system, both through a banner when you are logged in, and we will send out an email newsletter about it.