We're sorry to see you go!

To cancel, you need to be the account administrator (the person who originally signed up) – users you have invited to help manage accounts ('collaborators') cannot cancel your Schedugram account.

If you'd like to pause your account, and come back to it later – you have two choices:

  1. Remove all of your Instagram accounts – this will mean you still have a subscription with us (technically) but it will be for $0 per month, as you won't have any Instagram accounts. To remove accounts, go to the 'manage accounts' page and click 'remove account' under account actions
  2. Cancel your account, and reach out to us if you'd like it reactivated later – we don't immediately purge all data (this happens after around 60 days) in case people accidentally cancel their account, or it is cancelled due to an expired credit card (etc). Just reach out to support if you'd like to reactivate and we can help you out.

To cancel your Schedugram account, go to your profile/billing settings page. This is located in the menu on the left inside Schedugram – login at https://app.schedugr.am/:

Note that only account administrators (the person who first opened the account) can cancel the account. "Collaborators" invited to share the account cannot cancel it.

On the right hand side, click the 'subscription' submenu option on the right hand side. You'll see a cancellation section and button to cancel your account.

Note that cancelling your account will take effect before your next billing date - if you are in a trial, it will cancel at the end of the trial, or if you have already paid for the current month it will be cancelled at the end of your billing period. You'll receive an email confirming the cancellation from our billing system as well.

We would of course love to hear your feedback as to why you are cancelling – often there's a feature you think is vital and that we don't have, but we actually already do! Our team is always happy to help.