So you've probably seen that we ask you to categorise your support ticket into a priority level.

We do this to make sure that the most critical/important tickets get addressed quickly. Below are our service level targets for each priority category. We rarely have tickets that go near their limits, but please use this to guide your chosen priority. We do also prioritise tickets from our larger (instaGrow/instaBoss) and enterprise customers obviously.

Ticket priority Respond within Resolve within
Low 3 business days 6 business days
Medium 1 business day 3 business days
High 1 calendar day 2 calendar days
Urgent 30 minutes 12 hours

Keep in mind that "resolve within" assumes you're responding quickly to the tickets too, but we aim to turn around tickets within the above timeframes if possible.

FYI, anything you email to us (e.g. replying to an invoice) is categorised as "low" by default.

Also remember we're based in Melbourne. If you put in an "Urgent" ticket in the middle of the night our time (i.e. usually day time in the US) please make sure it's critical, or you'll be waking us up for no reason. For example, billing related issues are very rarely critical, however the website being down or not working might be (or it might not if you're happy to come back and try again in an hour, depends on you too!). Don't worry about waking us up – we're here to make sure the service works which is why you have that category available – but use it with care, or a sleepy administrator will get rather grumpy.