Another one of our frequently requested features is finally here — we now support Emojis in our captions (and comments too).

Adding Emoji is a bit tricky though. It’s much easier if you’re a Google Chrome user — get the “Chromoji” extension (click here) and it will both display them (Chrome by default doesn’t display Emoji very well) and it will give you a little icon in the top right to let you insert emoji to wherever the cursor currently is:

It’s pretty handy.

For those of you who don’t use Chrome, you can just copy and paste the Unicode character representing the emoji you’re looking for. There’s a great handy list here:

In the list above, the “native” left hand column is where you want to get your Emoji from — these are the unicode characters.

Keep in mind that not all web browsers display Emoji natively  so you might have some weird looking captions in Chrome or Internet Explorer — but they will work on mobile.

We haven’t tested every single Emoji character yet, but we have tested the common ones (smiley faces, arrows etc). Let us know if there is one that doesn’t work!

We’ll hopefully develop a little dropdown menu to let you choose Emoji as time goes on, but in the short term we’ve found the Chromoji extension to be fantastic and really easy to use/browse.

(Reproduced from our blog)