A common question we get is whether you can add a location or geolocation to a post. Brands commonly use this space to put a web address or bit of information, like in the example below:

Unfortunately, this isn't possible with Schedugram currently.

While we could just "click the buttons" as you would, the hard thing is of course the location that the link resolves to -- your location would always be our office, which is less than ideal, unless you're taking a photo of the office. Given our Schedugram users are distributed across the world, it's not really practical to fix it to a particular location, so we would need to fake the geotag. While this is also possible, it would mean a lot of work on the front end (i.e. the web part you schedule with) to let you choose a location and so on. As a result of this, we won't be offering it and won't be planning to do so until there is an easier way that will work for all of our users, not just those in Melbourne, Australia. It would also be very difficult to make sure that we are clicking the right location -- it might get a bit awkward if we selected the business next door who could be a competitor or entirely different area of business!

It's unfortunate that we can't offer it and I know it's vital to some brands' strategies, but due to the limitations we have to work within it's just technically too difficult to do in a reliable and sustainable manner. 

However, you can of course add a location after an image is posted -- just do that in the Instagram app.

If we produce this feature for when you are scheduling posts, we'll be sure to let everyone know.