One of the most common reasons for a post to fail on Schedugram is to do with the password. 

Once you've fixed the issues below, you will need to check the login is okay by pressing the 'check login' button on the 'manage accounts' page and we will test the login and let you know via email if you're good to go.

In these cases, the cause is likely to be one of the following:

  1. (Most common!) You've made a typo when entering the Instagram password. Re-add the password in Schedugram (use 'Change Password' on the Manage Accounts page) and try again. We get an error like this, so we can't go any further! More information here.

  2. Your account has been flagged for a login approval: a bit less extreme than above, Instagram sometimes asks you to 'approve' that your recent login from Australia was legitimate. To see if you have hit this error, just log into the Instagram app on your phone/tablet and it will ask you. If you don't see this screen, try pressing the "retry login" button mentioned at the top of this article, and if it fails again login to IG on your phone immediately after it fails. More information on this error here.

    This error takes a couple of forms, as shown below:

  3. (in particular for INSECURE_LOGIN_LOCATION but can be others): Instagram has reset your password as you have logged into an unknown location (Melbourne, Australia) as detailed in this question. More information on this error here.

    What you need to do is to log into Instagram on your smartphone or tablet (sometimes you can do it via the web as well), and then follow the prompts. You will need access to the email account attached to the Instagram account. Once you have changed the Instagram password, don't forget to change the attached password in Schedugram -- do this on the "Manage Accounts" page.

    It looks like this on the app:

  4. Your account hasn't been validated. Instagram requires you to have a validated phone number and/or email address on every account, and you can't post unless it has been validated.

    We recommend having both an email and phone number (the phone number isn't displayed publicly) for security purposes. You can log into the Instagram app on your phone, tablet or the website to edit your profile and/or validate your addresses.

    It looks like this, asking you for a CAPTCHA and/or to add your mobile/email address:

  5. Instagram has asked you to update your password: More recently IG has been asking users to update their passwords, either because they are too simple, haven't been changed in a while or some other reason (we aren't sure why!). When you log in you'll see this:

The above three reasons encompass 99% of the errors that occur because of login details, but occasionally it can be something else. If the above doesn't fix your issue, log a support ticket and our team will check things out manually.