A number of users have wanted to know why we have to ask for both your Instagram username and password. There is a simple reason for this: Schedugram can’t use oAuth (the standard way that you might ‘authorize’ a service to post to your social media account) as you can’t post photos using Instagram’s API (see here).

This can make people nervous, and rightfully so. As we state in our post about our (non) relationship with Instagram, our service works by using the official Instagram app on a physical tablet. This works like a proxy for having a dedicated staff member  logging in and out of Instagram and posting images around the clock. Instead of employing a team of people, we have automated this process. 

When you give us your password, we understand the trust you put into our service and we take it extremely seriously. That’s why we spend a lot of time ensuring our platform is secure  (see here).

Our sign up process is a similar situation to when you first tell another person your password (whether they’re a friend, agency or employee) — you need to trust them not to act inappropriately. And trust is very difficult to demonstrate online! We have had our system and databases penetration tested (and periodically continue to do so), and we have frequent security reviews and checks in place. We take the trust our users put in us extremely seriously, as we said.

We can’t tell you whether it is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ to put your trust in us - that decision is unique to each person, brand and business. Schedugram provides significant returns in saved time and effort, so you need to weigh up what works for you. If you’re concerned, we recommend simply using a brand new or dummy account during your account trial so you can see the features we offer, and then make a decision. That’s what the trial is for anyway — to see if our tool suits you.

You’re welcome to meet the team behind our service — Schedugram is brought to you by Dialogue Consulting and founded by Hugh Stephens in Australia. We have clients in a range of sectors and industries, and are well-established in our field of social media consulting. We developed Schedugram to try and solve the problem many brands had — how difficult it is to use Instagram in a professional, time-critical setting.

If you have any questions, queries or concerns, feel free to email us ([email protected]), Tweet us @schedugram. You can also chat with Hugh on Twitter @hughstephens if you’d like. Registered users even have his mobile number accessible for emergencies.

Thanks for trying Schedugram! We hope you find it useful and simple to integrate. Your feedback is warmly received and appreciated.