The first time you add an account is when things commonly go wrong, and if it fails now, it will continue to fail.

Please make sure you have done the following. If you do not have all of the below, your posts will likely fail.         

  1. Added an email address to the Instagram account and verified it (check there is an email in your Instagram profile page, if there is you're fine!). You don't need to use the same email on the Instagram account as you use for Schedugram.
  3. Added a phone number to the Instagram account and verified it (check there is a phone number in your profile). This is private – nobody can see the number – but Instagram can sometimes stop you being able to upload anything until you have added one. (IMPORTANT)
  5. Logged in lately with on your own device/phone (to check there aren't any outstanding queries or errors).
  7. Make sure the account has at least 5-10 images uploaded – this will mean that any errors or questions Instagram has for you will be resolved by you, rather than us throwing errors.
  9. Make sure you have access to the email and phone number attached to this Instagram account when adding it.

It is common, particularly for accounts outside Australia, for the first upload to fail and Instagram will ask you to verify the login. This is a security feature of Instagram. (more details)

When you submit this form, the account will not be activated on Schedugram yet. We need to review the account before we can check its login and make it live. Expect this to take up to 12 hours.


We recommend waiting until this process is complete before creating posts, as if you have problems the posts might not go out!

Please note that when you use Schedugram you are in reality logging into Instagram from Melbourne, Australia.

For some accounts that are usually used in another location, Instagram triggers a password reset, as you are logging into Instagram from an unknown location. If this occurs, please don’t be alarmed — it’s simply due to your account being accessed from an unfamiliar location.

When this occurs, you’ll receive an email from Instagram at the email address attached to the account, asking for you to reset your password and then an email from us to your Schedugram account’s email address notifying you that the reset has been triggered.

You will have to change the Instagram password, then change the password attached to that account in Schedugram on our website. It's also worth checking that you have verified either an email address or a mobile phone number with the account, as this also trips up some accounts.

After this, our location is ‘whitelisted’ and your account will no longer encounter these errors. You can then schedule to your heart’s content!

Unfortunately this scenario is out of our control, and we have no way of identifying which accounts may experience this error. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Please ensure that you have access to the email address associated with the Instagram account you are adding in the event this occurs.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact our team at [email protected] On the “Support” page within Schedugram you’ll also find our phone numbers (including our founder’s mobile if it’s a real emergency!)

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