Unfortunately this isn't possible at present natively in Schedugram. BUT you can use the (free) online service "If this, then that" to automatically post her images to Twitter, Facebook and pretty much anywhere else! 

In some ways this is better than the integrated solution -- although keep in mind that it works for all posts, not just those you send through Schedugram.

Below are the "recipes" we recommend using (customised by me, but all credit to the customer who first told us about this method for the idea!):

Of course, you can customise this further -- for example, that Instagram photos are sent to Facebook and Twitter if you use the tag #share, or just Twitter if you use #tw etc. If this, then that is a great tool for this kind of automation!

'If this, then that' sometimes has a bit of a delay before a post will go up (some users are reporting about 30 minutes). This seems to be on their end – maybe they only check once every 30 minutes.

You can choose all kinds of destinations too which is really useful – find out more at https://ifttt.com/ .

Keep in mind though that the Facebook share is a little bit different to the standard share to a Facebook Page. We suggest you try it out on a fake/dummy page first so you can see what it does so you're not surprised.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you need help configuring the above services -- although keep in mind of course that we can't troubleshoot "If this, then that", and that we can't accept any responsibility for your use of it as they're not us.